Ashley Mendenhall

broker associate

I love building long-lasting relationships with my clients and helping people. The majority of my clients I would call close friends at this point. I also love interiors, architecture and design, and I get to be immersed in it all being in real estate.
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Real Estate Like a Local.

I grew up in a small town in the Oklahoma Panhandle, where I felt there weren’t many opportunities, especially for women. I looked up to my grandfather who had a successful farming business for many years. I definitely learned how to work hard, do things right the first time, and never cut corners from him.

The expectation in my hometown was you get married young and you start a family. I always knew that there was something bigger for me out there, so I left when I was 18 and moved to Las Vegas. I had to grow up quickly to survive in that city!

Being a lover of the outdoors, I was happy to eventually make it to Denver. 

Finding Home

I wanted to be in real estate for over ten years before I  finally came to a crossroads, where I had to either do it or drop it altogether. I was working as an independent stylist at the time and thought I wasn’t “salesy” enough to be an agent. A friend, who owned a large mortgage company, explained to me that although real estate was technically sales, it was more about building relationships. Since that’s what I was already doing in the hair industry, it finally clicked. I said to myself, “You either go for it now or you need to put it to bed and move on with your life.”

Honestly, best decision I’ve ever made.

After obtaining my real estate license in January 2017, I spent my first two years juggling work as an agent and a hairstylist at the same time. I made the full-time leap after moving to Keller Williams Urban Elite in the Highlands, where I worked on Susie Best’s team for a little over a year, before having the opportunity to join Hatch. Jeff was someone I always really respected in the industry so it was a huge honor to be one of the first agents he brought on at Hatch.