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At Hatch, we know Denver. We know the market. And we get to know our clients. We’re the local who knows- everything from the best bar, what the schools are like, to the skinny on the new Japanese poke bowl restaurant that’s opening up down the street.

Who is


Hatch Realty is your go-to real estate and lifestyle resource for the Denver Metro area. We are proud to take a bespoke approach to everything we do; providing our clients an unmatched experience.

We’re not finding homes for robots. Sure, we’ve got all the tech – but we use it to better understand our clients needs, then we let our sincerity, empathy, and understanding do the rest .

We promise to even remember that you’re on a specific pescatarian diet for the month when picking a restaurant or have your favorite micro-brew ready for the game. We remember these things because we get to know our clients inside and out. Because they’re not robots, they’re people. And so are we.

What is


We are a company founded with the purpose and ability to do what technology cannot; provide a high-quality, personal and intuitive service.

Hatch embodies the idea that boutique actually signifies a singular and bespoke focus on our clients. We put service ahead of profits and we live and breathe Denver real estate.

We’re not trying to IPO or become large enough to be bought by a bigger firm. We’re just good local agents doing good work at the highest level – and now we’ve been named the #1 producing agency of our size in the entire Denver metro area.

Buying a home isn’t like ordering a pizza. It’s home, it’s personal. And we’ll treat your experience as if it were our own journey. Walk yours with those you know.

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We get how frustrating it can be to call your agent and not get an answer. We invite you to try our services and see for yourself just how different the Hatch experience truly is. We are your neighbors and we are your local experts.

When is


Hatch is now. We're the service you need, when you need it most.

Hatch Realty was founded by veteran Denver realtor Jeff Plous in 2020 when he saw the need to launch something new. After nearly two decades in the industry he wanted to provide something different to better serve the changing needs of his clients.

Where is


There's nothing rocky about Denver.

Situated in the beautiful Mile High City, we’ve made it our mission to know Denver inside and out. From knowing the trendiest microbreweries, to the best spots to grab lunch, to the neighborhoods with the top-rated schools to enroll your kids, we make sure to tailor your real estate experience to the things you want most out of life.

At Hatch, we know Denver. Let us give you the local tour.


The blind realty rush is over, a more considered approach is needed to succeed whatever the scenario.

Why is


Hatch was created because more and more we saw the real estate industry being automated, and taken over by large corporations. A home is the largest investment most people will ever make and not something that should be purchased like fast food or a book off the internet.


A strong relationship with a real expert is needed to help make the best decision possible. Hatch is the bespoke solution to this issue and we promise to personally guide you through your real estate journey.





Buying a home is when you make a house your home. It’s the biggest investment you may make in your lifetime and the journey to finding can be emotional.

You fall in love with a place, imagine it being yours even before closing. And when it comes time to sell, it’s just as emotionally charged. So things can’t be much more personal than this. We understand. 

We’re not here to sell, we’re here to chart the course with you. In today’s market, a knowledgeable person you trust by your side is vital to good decisions.