Taylor Simmons

broker associate

My goal in real estate is to help my clients feel comfortable and confident in their decisions. Whether it’s buying or selling, I take pride in ensuring that we do the proper due diligence. Most agents are just looking for the next deal, but I strive to make sure my clients are well cared for and actually understand what they are doing. The home buying/selling process is a huge step in life, and there’s no reason to cut corners.
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Real Estate Like a Local.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA but grew up spending a lot of time in Colorado. I was fortunate enough to have parents who were very into skiing so I learned to ski around 4-5 years old on our family trips to Summit County. I tried snowboarding once about 10 years ago, but after spending most of the time on my rear, I went right back to skiing before the end of that trip.

Moving Mountains in Denver

My passion for real estate began as a young kid. I can still remember driving around neighborhoods with my mom in our classic 1980’s station wagon, and we would stop in at various open houses or even new construction sites. Something about seeing a home rise from beginning to end has always intrigued me, and that’s probably why I was always interested in Legos, Lincoln Logs, Sim-City or you name it.

As I grew older, I knew I wanted to have a career in real estate. I attended Tulane University and was a double major in Finance and Management. Unfortunately/Fortunately, my senior year took place during Hurricane Katrina. I was displaced for the Fall semester, but luckily, we were able to return and graduate that following Spring. From there, I returned to Atlanta to pursue my Masters in Real Estate from Georgia State University. Since then, my entire 13-year career has been centered around real estate.

My primary areas of focus are residential real estate, infill development, vacation rentals and real estate investments. I mainly concentrate in the Denver Metro, but I also do work in Summit County. If you have any questions whatsoever I’m happy to help!